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How to Combat Window Rot

Preventive Measures and Restoration Techniques for Rotten Window Frames

Window rot is a common problem in wooden windows. It can have a negative aesthetic effect as well as cause other problems.

But what exactly is window rot? How can you prevent it? And how can your windows be restored to return them to their former glory?

In this guide, we take a closer look at a problem that affects homes all over Scotland and beyond.

What is Window Wood Rot?

Damaged window frame with window rot

Window rot affects wooden window frames and sills. It’s mainly caused by exposure to moisture from rain and condensation. Rot softens the wood and impacts its colour as the wood starts to decay.

Leaving it untreated worsens the problem, so much so that you may end up having to replace the entire window.

How to Prevent Window Rot

There are several steps you can take to prevent window rot from becoming a problem in your casement windows or sash and case windows.

The first is to ensure you carry out regular inspections and maintenance. Check for problem signs regularly, like peeling paint and cracks in the wood. By detecting problems early on, you can prevent rot from becoming a more serious problem.

Always protect your window frames using high-quality paint and sealant. These protect the wood from moisture by creating a protective barrier, reducing the absorption of moisture.

It’s usually best to repaint and reseal your window frames once every few years. But this depends on the quality of the paint and how much exposure they have to the elements.

Condensation can also cause window rot, so good ventilation is essential inside the rooms. This is even more important in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, where humidity levels are higher.

Finally, check your gutters regularly. When the gutters on your property are working efficiently, they direct the water away from your windows. Clean them regularly to remove the build-up of sediment so water does not spill over and contact the window frames.

Rotten Window Frame Repairs

Prevention is always better than cure, but window rot can be challenging, and sometimes rot can set in. It’s important to act fast to reduce the damage and prevent the need to replace the entire window.

The first step is to check the damage and see how bad it is. It may be superficial, in which case repairs will be easier. But if the rot has set in, more drastic measures are needed.

These involve removing the rotten wood, a task you must do very carefully to reduce the risk of damage to other parts of the window.

Once the affected wood has been removed, you will need to fill in the leftover space. Epoxy fillers bond with the wood, and you can then sand down the area once it’s dry.

Next, apply a primer. This will help when it comes to painting the window frame by ensuring better adhesion and it also provides an additional barrier. Then paint the window when it’s ready to add another protective barrier

Get Help from the Professionals

Wooden window repair by Eco Sash & Case

Restoring damage from window rot is a complex task, and you can cause more damage if you go about it incorrectly. It makes sense to get professional help for your precious windows.

At Eco Sash & Case, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help restore and repair your beautiful casement windows and sash and case windows. When painting the window frames we use a Superior Paint System that lasts much longer than traditional gloss paint treatments.

We can fully restore your windows or make new ones if they are beyond restoration. We can also eliminate draughts, noises, leaks and more. So contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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The Homeowners’ Guide to Repairing and Replacing Sash & Case Windows, Sustainably

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