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Roof Windows Edinburgh: Cupolas, Skylights & Velux Windows

All Eco Sash & Case’s roof windows, cupolas and skylights have been fully tested to withstand the Scottish weather.

They are built with long-lasting, low maintenance wood, uPVC, or Aluminium frames.

All our roof windows are double glazed for added insulation and noise reduction.

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Wooden, uPVC and Aluminium Cupolas

Cupolas are often found in Edinburgh tenements and large traditional homes. A lot of tenement stairwells have beautiful cupolas providing them with natural daylight.

Providing a stylish and stunning finish, our cupolas allow natural light into a building and create a spectacular night time feature when illuminated.

Wooden, uPVC and Aluminium Skylights

Similar to traditional cupolas, our skylights are ideal in modern buildings and new home extensions. A skylight will bring lots of natural light without reducing your privacy.

To investigate your options for roof windows , book your no-obligation, Eco Windows Survey.

To investigate your options for roof windows, book your no-obligation, Eco Windows Survey.

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