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Full Sash Window Repair & Restoration Service

Sash Window Repairs, Restoration, Painting & Draught-Proofing

One of Eco Sash & Case’s most popular services is the full repair, restoration, painting and draught-proofing of original sash and case windows across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Original timber sash and case windows play an important role in defining the character of a traditional period home. That’s why Eco Sash & Case will always aim to repair and restore your windows, wherever we can.

Our industry-leading techniques help to eliminate any wood rot, rattles, draughts, leaks and noise problems. This gives your windows a new lease of life and ensures you have a more comfortable and energy-efficient home, adding value to your home.

sash window restore
sash window repairs and painting Edinburgh

Sash Window Refurbishment: Superior Paint System that Lasts for up to 3 Years Longer

Our top grade, exterior paint system outlasts conventional gloss paint treatments by up to 3 years. The high gloss protection has excellent resistance to blistering, cracking and peeling that can have more than 8 years weathering durability. Regular checks and maintenance are still important for the best, long lasting results.

A typical sash window refurbishment involves:

  • Replacing any rotten timber.
  • Restoring & repairing the original sash casement
  • Replacing the external pointing with traditional sand mastic.
  • New sash ropes & pulley wheels.
  • Energy-efficient draught proofing.
  • Painting with 3 coats of superior high gloss paints.
  • Brighton sash locks and window ironmongery

Why not upgrade your existing sash windows by installing double glazing?

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Have You been Told to Replace Your Windows?

Despite its appearance, the wood in this window is generally sound, and can easily be restored to provide many decades of further service. As well as refurbishing your sash windows, it is possible to upgrade them to levels of energy-efficient performance comparable to modern replacement windows.

Why 'Eco' Sash & Case?

We are proud to be one of the first companies in Scotland to offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly sash window repair and installation service. 

What makes us different is the materials we use from paints, fillers and wood, to the draught proofing, and the energy-efficient double and secondary glazing. Our services are designed to restore your windows to add many more years to their lives, maintenance-free.

sash window restoration
Our highly-skilled staff can fully restore old windows in our dedicated Edinburgh workshop even if they appear to be beyond repair.

How We Offset Our Carbon Footprint

We’ll plant a Scots pine through Trees for Life for every completed sash window project. Trees for Life is an award-winning Scottish charity working to restore Scotland’s Caledonian Forest.


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The Homeowners’ Guide to Repairing and Replacing Sash & Case Windows, Sustainably
The Homeowners’ Guide to Repairing and Replacing Sash & Case Windows, Sustainably

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