Sash Window painting & Mastic

Superior Sash Window Painting with Mastic Repairs

Superior Sash Window Painting with Mastic Repairs

Eco Sash & Case’s Painting and Mastic Repair service has always proved popular across Edinburgh and the Lothians, and ensures your sash windows are protected against our harsh Scottish climate. Our top-grade, exterior paint system outlasts conventional gloss paint treatments by up to 3 years. The high gloss protection has excellent resistance to blistering, cracking and peeling that has more than 8 years weathering durability. Your sash windows are painted with our 3-part exterior gloss system, then pointed with traditional sand mastic. All materials used are exterior rated and our timber is sustainably sourced.
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A typical sash window paint and mastic service involves:

  • Preparing the original sash window
  • Fully painted with 3 coats of exterior grade paints
  • Replacing the external pointing with traditional sand mastic

If required, your project may also include:

  • Replacing any rotten timber and any broken glass
  • New sash ropes & pulley wheels
  • Energy-efficient draught proofing
  • Adding Brighton sash locks and ironmongery

Sash Window Sand Mastic Repairs

At Eco Sash & Case we apply burnt sand and linseed oil mastic by hand, the original method for pointing the outside facings of sash windows. This is the preferred option for listed buildings and conservation areas in Scotland because of its effectiveness and original look. 

The old, loose mastic is removed and replaced with trade quality expanding foam which also helps improve insulation. The foam provides a solid base for the new sand mastic to be fitted to form a long lasting, wind and water tight flexible joint between the masonry and timber frame. We then coat the new material with PVA. Finally, we hand apply the traditional sand mastic (red or natural).

In summary, our mastic repair process includes:

  • Cut out old window backing and mastic
  • Apply expanding insulating foam
  • Apply 1 coat PVA bonding, if required
  • Re-mastic windows by hand using high quality sand mastic
Bespoke, handmade sash windows crafted in our Edinburgh workshop

Sash Windows Maintenance Plans

Sash and case windows need regular painting and benefit from long term maintenance. Why don’t you can sign up for our affordable Eco Maintenance Plan for your window painting and mastic repairs?  Contact us now for more information on our Eco Maintenance Plan or call us on 0131 441 4433

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See why we are proud to be one of the first companies in Scotland to offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly sash window service and how we offset our carbon footprint.

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The Homeowners’ Guide to Repairing and Replacing Sash & Case Windows, Sustainably

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