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Upgrading to acoustic glass

If you live in a noisy environment, noise reducing acoustic glass may be just what you need. The glass is clear to look through so does not affect the look of the windows at all.

Acoustic glass is available in thicknesses from 6.8mm to 12.8mm. As the thickness is increased, further sound reductions are achieved. However, thicker acoustic glass is more expensive and the increased weight may not be practical.

Acoustic glass has a range of benefits:

  • Reduces noise in single glazed windows by up to 5dB
  • Reduces noise in double glazed windows by up to 10dB
  • Enhanced security due to the shatter resistance of laminate glass improved energy efficiency
  • No listed building requirements for historic buildings.
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The Options for Safety Glass

There are several reasons to upgrade the single glazing in your sash and case windows to safety glass. 

If your window is less than 800mm from the ground then it is now a legal requirement that the glass when replaced, should be safety glazing. You can choose between 4mm toughened and 6.4mm laminate safety glass. 

4mm toughened glass is one of the best glazing options for single glazing if you’d like to improve the security and safety of your home. The cost is higher than 6.4mm laminate but it is just as strong. It has lower thermal insulating properties compared to 6.4mm laminate safety glass but fits well into a standard sash window without any alteration (it’s the same depth as the original glass). 

The main advantage of 4mm toughened glass is that there’s no impact on the original sash window weighting mechanism which avoids the expense of a counterbalance. Typically, 6.4mm laminate glass is about 60% heavier.

You Can Choose Privacy Glass

Our obscure glass windows are designed to give you maximum privacy in rooms that need it, such as bathrooms. We offer a choice of privacy options to suit your requirements, from classic to contemporary textured glass.

You can also choose from a range of privacy glass, based on a variety of different styles and strengths from privacy level 1 to 5, from least to most private. 

To investigate options for acoustic, safety or privacy glass, please book your free, no-obligation Eco Windows Survey.

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