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Environmental safe paints & materials

We use interior & exterior paints that will have little impact on the environment to paint sash windows. All the paints we use are low or zero VOC.

Why we use eco-friendly paints and materials

Environmental issues are becoming more visible. As a company, we believe we can lead the way and work towards a more sustainable, less harmful future. You might not think painting a wall or a window with conventional paints had much impact. Think again though – you’d be surprised what environmental harm lurks within most paint. Did you know that a normal tin of paint may contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)?

What does that actually mean?

VOCs are gasses that are released from a liquid or solid material – these give the paint its strong smell.

What’s wrong with conventional paints?

Apart from the nausea, dizziness and headaches which can arise whilst you are merrily painting away, the long-term effects aren’t great either. The constituents of conventional paints may include formaldehyde, heavy metals and nasties known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short. Those VOCs are released while painting and for up to five years after the paint has dried. The World Health Organisation states that professionals working with conventional paints are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer, so it’s no great leap to wonder whether paint in the home is detrimental to those living there (just ask those who suffer allergies). There is a potentially harmful processes involved in the manufacture of paint as part of the petro-chemical industry; not only does production involve the use of non-sustainable resources, it’s said that producing one litre of paint can result in up to 30 litres of toxic waste.

What is eco paint?

Eco-friendly paint, or natural paint, is paint that has been specially designed to have lower levels of volatile organic chemicals. If you’re looking to protect your health and your family’s health and the environment, then choosing eco-friendly paint is the best option. Since eco-friendly paints are low in VOC chemicals, they’re much safer to use on the interior and exterior of your home.

Our Exterior Paints
We have a choice of three exterior-rated paints that we use for our window renovations. These paints are low VOC or zero VOC and environmentally friendly. They have excellent weather durability properties that protect the wood and provide longer-lasting weather protection for up to eight years for exterior sash windows.

Our Interior Paints
For interior painting, we use specialized paints that protect interior windows from black mould forming and condensation damage. These paints are low VOC or zero VOC and environmentally friendly. Our interior paints stay whiter and fresher longer than normal interior paints.

During our evaluation of your windows, we will note the overall condition of your windows and the location of your home. We will specify the best paint for your windows in your quotation.

Our service is Better for you. Better for us. Better for the environment.

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The Homeowners’ Guide to Repairing and Replacing Sash & Case Windows, Sustainably
The Homeowners’ Guide to Repairing and Replacing Sash & Case Windows, Sustainably

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